Who We Are

GRAUCELSIUS is a company that specialises in providing Engineering, Management and Planning services. It was created in April 1993. We focus on engineering solutions, quality management of construction and the undertaking of finalised projects. We propose integrated, innovative and efficient solutions, creating a relation between all technical specialities and all occurrences in the process. We allow the protection of investors interests and the support in the sustained development of the work for which all our actions are adapted to the technical and economical demands of the project, with precision, honesty and without exemption. We identify both the necessities and the expectations of every part of the process, as well as the specifications of every project, offering the most efficient and best resulting services and solutions. Our vast experience and the continuing training of our Human Resources in various areas, are another valuable asset, and guarantee for the successful carrying out of the projects in which we are involved. The total satisfaction of clients and the close relationship we maintain with our business partners, along with high quality end results, allow us to maintain and consolidate our position within the market.