Graucelsius has implemented the Building Information Modeling (BIM) methodology - a set of processes and methods applied to the entire life cycle of a building.

There are several 3D modeling models for creating BIM models, in our case, the modeling support computer support will be REVIT.

Our technicians have received specialized theoretical and practical training in REVIT.

In general, BIM will allow information regarding a given building to be present in a virtual model and can be used for viability studies, energy efficiency studies, cost simulation, term simulation, quantitative extraction, project study, maintenance, etc. Virtual models allow interoperability in all work and “feed” the same model, with different information regarding the building construction.

This methodology will result in better project management, better monitoring of the construction, and maintenance of the project throughout its useful life.

The biggest difference is that from now on, the walls are no longer just “lines” and have aggregated information (thickness, material, cost, volume, thermal conductivity, etc.), depending on the specificity with which the model is created and the kind of information you want to extract from it.